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Understanding Diversion – The Providers Greatest Threat

Understanding Diversion – The Providers Greatest Threat

Recommended Audience: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants, and Medical Assistants.

Author: Scott Huckabee, © 2014 Huckabee Consulting, Inc./DoctorsSafeguard.Com

Date Created: 2010 Updated: 2016

Approximate Length: 1 hour

Program Content: Currently, the abuse and diversion of prescription pain medication is at an all time high. This presentation identifies the mindsets and tactics used by the desperate, the opportunistic and the professional drug seeker (who poses the greatest threat to providers). This presentation also provides safeguards to identify and deter these drug seekers from your clinic/hospital.

This Presentation will:

  • Explain how perception can play a role in your clinic being targeted;
  • Identify the three categories of illicit drug seekers;
  • Identify the type of drug seeker that poses the greatest threat to clinicians;
  • Explain the tactics used by illicit drug seekers to gain access to your clinic;
  • Identify tactics used by illicit drug seekers to overcome patient accountability protocols; and
  • Point out safeguards to identify and keep illicit drug seekers from your clinic.
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