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Patient Agreements

Patient Agreement – Opioid Agreement – Medication Agreement, however you label it, this agreement can be an essential part of your practice. Depending on how you construct, emphasize and enforce your agreement, this agreement could potentially:

  • Become a safeguard to protect your practice from illegal drug seeking activity.
  • Explain what you expect of the patient and what the patient can expect of you;
  • Explain why you and the patient must be accountable for narcotic pain medication;
  • Enhance your confidence in treating patients;
  • Educate your patients about issues unique to taking and possessing opioid analgesics;
  • Help your patients understand issues unique to pain management treatment;
  • Provide patients an understanding of potential dangers of taking and possessing opioid analgesics, as well as safeguards they can utilize;
  • Explain to the patient why patient accountability is critical for long term treatment;
  • Give credibility to issues that may cause a patient to be terminated, as well as other benefits.

Informed Consent

Patient Agreement

Pregnancy Agreement

Pregnancy can be a critical issue in pain management. This document provides you issues to consider while constructing or updating your agreement.