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Risk Assessments

Properly assessing the potential risk of abuse and/or diversion in prospective patients is the first and most important safeguard. Using an effective risk tool is essential. This list represents risk tools designed to identify potential aberrant behavior or abuse:

Assessment for Potential Diversion (APD)

There are a number of assessments designed to measure a prospective patient’s potential for ‘drug abuse’ during new patient in-processing; however, until now there has been no assessment to evaluate a prospective patient’s potential for diversion. The Assessment for Potential Diversion (APD) has been developed to be used along with assessments for potential drug abuse. The APD, used with an assessment for potential drug abuse, will not only help substantially reduce the amount of prescription drugs available for illegal distribution, it will also provide documentation to demonstrate the clinician’s due diligence in protecting against diversion. The APD provides a pre-consultation assessment along with a consultation assessment designed to establish a risk factor associated with diversion. The APD also established low, medium and high risk factors as a result of the assessment’s outcome, as well as risk factor scheduling associated with low, medium and high risk. See Risk Factor Scheduling Example Protocol.