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The Roamer Tactic

There are two types of Roamer tactics:

  • The Non-confrontational Roamer
  • The Charismatic Roamer

Non-confrontational Roamer

The non-confrontational roamer targets pain management practices that have dedicated parking areas for their patients. Note: Will likely not target practices that share their parking area with other practices or businesses.

Targeting Patients

This person believes that vehicles in the parking area belong to pain management patients. They also believe that the patient will have a full prescription of a schedule II or schedule III pain medication within the next 12 to 24 hours.


The non-confrontational roamer will document license plate numbers, query the license plate numbers through a public information website to find out where the patient lives and either burglarize the patient’s home in an attempt to gain the medication or sell the information to someone who will.

Charismatic Roamer

Targets patients located in the waiting room of pain management practices.

Targeting Patients

This person will have a seat in the waiting room of a pain management practice, posing as a patient or the caretaker of a patient (who is being examined by the clinician).


The charismatic roamer will strike up a conversation with a patient in an attempt to gain the following information from the patient:

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Pharmacy they use; and
  • Name of the medication that they are being treated with.

The drug seeker will record this conversation using a micro recorder or a "smart" phone.

After receiving this information, the charismatic roamer has three options:

  1. Burglarize the patient’s home;
  2. If the patient has a refill available, the drug seeker can wait 25 to 27 days and pick up the patient’s medication at the pharmacy (while posing as the patient’s caretaker); or
  3. Sell this information to a criminal gang.


  1. If your clinic has a dedicated parking lot (not shared with any other medical specialty or another business) you may consider placing a security video camera in the parking lot.
  2. Consider placing a video camera in the waiting room. A charismatic roamer will be careful to keep from having their image documented. If they see a video camera in the waiting room, they may choose another clinic.
  3. Consider placing a sign in your waiting room that states "Because we care about our patients, any discussion regarding your personal information, your medical condition or the medication you are taking will not be permitted while in the waiting room". This lets the drug seeker know that you are aware of their tactics. This also reminds your patients to be discreet with their personal and medical information.

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