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The Recruiter Tactic

One person (the professional drug seeker) will recruit other people (opportunistic drug seekers) to use their own IDs and insurance to infiltrate pain management clinics or primary care clinics that treat chronic pain.


The recruiter will teach the recruited person what to say and how to act in order to gain a referral to a pain management specialist. The recruiter will also teach the recruited person how to motivate the clinician to provide them the type of medication that they can sell on the street. The recruiter will pay the opportunistic drug seeker a predetermined price for their prescription medication. The recruiter will give the Rx medication to his/her street level dealers so the medication can be sold.

Flags/Verbal and Non Verbal Behavior/Safeguards

Flags/Verbal and Non Verbal Behavior/Safeguards Keep in mind; you will likely not see the recruiter. The recruiter will enlist the services of an opportunistic drug seeker. Use the mindset/methods/flags/safeguards for those categories.

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