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Professional Drug Seekers

Professional Drug Seekers make a living by gaining prescription narcotics to sell on the streets. Many clinicians make the mistake of assuming that professional drug seekers may look like lower income or desperate individuals. To the contrary, professional drug seekers may present themselves professionally while posing as a lawyer, accountant or other type of professional. Professional Drug Seekers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars working 30 doctors. They realize that they are much less likely to be arrested obtaining and selling prescription drugs as opposed to clandestine drugs (i.e. cocaine, heroin, etc.).

Professional Drug Seekers:

  • stay focused;
  • look at their job as a challenge;
  • are willing to invest money to accomplish their objective;
  • are willing to invest time to accomplish their objective;
  • will likely be received by referral, but could be a walk in;
  • are patient, deliberate and methodical; and
  • may work 30 or 40 doctors a month.

Once the professional drug seeker becomes a patient, they will:

  • be on time for every appointment;
  • never call in early for a refill;
  • cause you to believe that they are your best patient; and
  • stay in your practice for years.

Tactics used by the Professional Drug Seeker

Click on the following to learn more about the tactics used by professional drug seekers and how to best safeguard your practice: