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The Counterfeit Tactic

The passing of fake/counterfeit prescription sheets is arguably the number one means for making prescription drugs available to be sold on the street; however, obtaining prescription medications by defrauding or deceiving clinicians is becoming more and more popular.

Manufacture Prescription Sheets

The drug seeker will manufacture prescription sheets, provide a physician’s name and DEA number on the sheet and pass the sheet at a pharmacy. The drug seeker is not interested in manufacturing a prescription sheet that looks identical to the physician’s sheet. They are more interested in manufacturing a prescription sheet that looks legitimate.

Location Where Counterfeit Rx Sheets are Passed

The drug seeker normally does not plan to pass the sheet in the same area that the physician’s patients would have their prescriptions filled. They plan to pass the sheets in another part of the state.

Use of a Scapegoat

The drug seeker will sometimes use a scapegoat to pass the counterfeit sheets. The scapegoat is usually someone who is desperate for money or drugs. If the scapegoat successfully obtains the medication, the drug seeker will pay the scapegoat a small amount of money or provide the scapegoat a small amount of the medication.

Verifying Counterfeit Prescriptions

The counterfeiter will sometimes display a telephone number on the prescription sheets for the pharmacist to use to call and verify the prescription. This is usually a telephone number assigned to a throwaway phone that can be purchased at a discount store. This telephone cannot be tracked. If someone calls to verify the prescription, the drug seeker will have someone answer the phone that has been taught what to say so the communication will sound official.

Obtaining Clinicians Names and DEA Numbers

A drug seeker can obtain a clinicians name and DEA number from the internet, your patients or through underground sources.

Time Counterfeit Sheets are Passed

The drug seeker will usually pass the prescription sheet during the lunch hour or after 5:00 pm. These are the rush periods at the pharmacy. They realize that the pharmacist is least likely to scrutinize the prescription sheet during these periods. Even if the pharmacist did want to call and verify the sheet, chances are that the clinic would be closed for lunch or closed for the day.

Reporting the Counterfeiter

There is nothing you can do to keep a drug seeker from using your DEA number or name. If you find counterfeit prescriptions (displaying your name and DEA number) are being passed, contact the DEA and your local law enforcement agency immediately.

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