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Contact Us

The content of this web site is a result of your input. It is our intent to provide the tools or information you need to do your job. Your e-mails are always welcome.

You may contact us at:

Scott Huckabee, President
220 Brazos Lane
Kempner, TX 76539

Lecture Request

Scott Huckabee has been providing lectures regarding Drug Seeking Activity to Pain Specialists, Family Practitioners, Psychologists and Pharmacists throughout the United States since 2003. Scott Huckabee’s 28 year career in law enforcement and law enforcement training provides a unique insight on the drug seeking mindset, as well as tactics that can be employed to combat this behavior. Please submit all lecture or presentation requests to scott@doctorssafeguard.com. To find out more about Scott Huckabee and his live presentations, please go to the Live Presentations page.